Can We Change Our Brains? | Listening and Speking as Homework 2022

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   Hello everyone, How are you all? I am very good. In this article, we will ask you “Can We Change Our Brains?” we will find an answer to the question entitled. Thank you to my Ahu lecturer for allowing me to explain this assignment.

Brain Lobes Anatomy
Brain Lobes Anatomy

We can change our brain not physically, but structurally, if not very difficult.

The brain lobes and brain neurons help us manage structural changes in our brain. 

Let’s examine 6 different regions in our brain, shall we?

  • Spinal Cord : It forms the central nervous system
  • Cerebellum : It may play a role in some cognitive functions, such as attention and language, as well as emotional control, such as regulating fear and pleasure reactions, but its movement-related functions are the most firmly established.
  • Occipital Lobe : It is the part of the brain that perceives visual function.
  • Parietal Lobe : It is the part responsible for functions such as determining direction, perceiving tastes, pain and tactile sensations.
  • Frontal Lobe : Located at the front of the brain, the brain region responsible for conscious thinking is called that.
  • Temporal Lobe : There are many tasks, including speech, memory and hearing.

These parts of the brain allow our brain to change imaginatively.


Continuous activities leave positive or negative effects on the brain.

  • Conduct disorder.
  • Being spiritually involuntary.
  • Being habitually practical.

examples of these are.

How to solve the structural problems in the brain that go negative?

  1. A person becomes vigorous with regular sleep
  2. By eating healthy, it reduces the burden on the brain.
  3. Solves problems by doing sports and quitting bad habits.
  4. It changes the negative effects on the brain with activities that will increase personal development.

Finally, a person should read books about personal development in order to cognitively change his brain. People should take time to rest for themselves. People should listen to everyone’s opinions and make their own decisions based on those opinions. I think people should give up bad habits and secure both their health and time with more useful things.


As a result, it is possible that we structurally change our brain. I would like to thank everyone who listened and read the presentation. 😊

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