The Greenland I Dream Of Going | Listening and Speking as Homework 2022

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   Hello everyone, How are you all? I am very good. I took the place I dreamed of going for my English – Listening and Speaking lesson as homework. Thank you to my Ahu lecturer for allowing me to submit this assignment. With your permission, let’s start the presentation.


Greenland is an island country in the north-west of Denmark, whose autonomy belongs to Denmark. Transportation by plane and ships is common. Road transport is very scarce.

is the location of greenland on the world map. 2022

I work hard every day to get to Greenland. I love with my Nordic countries. To me, everything is fantastic in Greenland.

Grönland Köpek Balığı
Greenland Shark

Have you ever seen a fish that lived 400 years? 

Here is a huge greenland shark. Greenland sharks live for 400 years. They complete their development at the age of 150 and begin to reproduce. Because they are among the endangered animals, UNESCO has put them under protection.

Grönland Foku
Greenland Seal
Greenland Whale

In addition to the Greenland shark, many animals are protected by UNESCO. These include Greenland whales and seals.

The best activities to do in winter tourism in Greenland are as follows;

Trekking on the yellow route, sailing by canoe and flying over glaciers in a small plane.

Since the independence of Greenland is in Denmark, Denmark manages all state activities and operations.

Greenland provides a large part of Denmark’s seafood income. 

Due to global warming, many countries eyes are on Greenland, the land of ice.

Greenland is a remarkable place with its legendary nature. Anyone who thinks like me will want to go. Friends, we have come to the end of our blog post and presentation today, thank you for reading and listening.❤️😊

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